What is the Member Service Center? For what purpose was it established?

The Member Service Center was established in order to enable our members to easily reach the relevant authority in all requests, suggestions and complaints, to direct communication from a single center, to return to our members as soon as possible and to follow up the result. In this process, it is targeted that our members will participate in the works carried out by our Chamber for our members. In this context; Requests, suggestions and complaints from our members are recorded by the call center agents who receive the trainings organized by our Chamber on these issues.

Is the Member Service Center paid?

Member Service Center is charged according to the operators' own tariffs. There is no additional fee. You can also report your applications to the Member Service Center free of charge at the bilgi@kto.org.tr e-mail address.

How does the Member Service Center work?

Request, suggestion and the subject you want to complain about; If you share it with your contact information, your records are created.

How are the results of the applications made to the Member Service Center informed to your members?

Your application number is sent as an e-mail if your records created via e-mail. In the records you create by phone, your application number is transmitted verbally. You can follow your registration with the reference number given to you at uhm.kto.org.tr. In addition, if you provide an e-mail address and / or GSM number, an information message is sent to the e-mail address and / or your GSM number indicating that your application has been completed.

How long does my application end?

The termination period of the applications is on average 3 days. However, if additional information about the application is needed, this period may be extended.

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